Training of Psychosocial Trainers

Day-by-Day Schedule

Goals of this Training

By the end of the training:

1) Your skills and confidence as a Trainer will be improved.

2) You will know how to design a curriculum and effectively train knowledge, skills and attitudes related to MHPSS.

3) Your ability to use participatory and experiential training techniques will be enhanced including HOW TO:

  • Give an effective presentation

  • Facilitate educational discussion

  • Utilize role play

Daily Plan

Day 1:  

  • Review adult education methods - IASC MHPSS guidelines for training.

  • Learn How to design a MHPSS curriculum for community awareness /psycho-education    /training of Psychosocial Workers.

Day 2:

  • Learn tips and practice skills of participatory presentation.

Day 3:

  • Learn How To use role play in training MHPSS skills and attitudes.

  • Learn skills for facilitating an educational discussion.

Day 4:  

  • Learn How TO design and present community awareness / education.

  • Field visit to observe and participate in a community awareness session with migrants newly arrived in Cairo. 

DAY 5: 

  • Practice training skills with PSTIC Teams

DAY 6:

  • Prepare plans and curriculum for practical application of training skills to your work site.