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MHPSS Intervention for Emergency Affected Populations

in the Urban Context

Day-By-Day Training Schedule


Day 1      10am– 5pm / Monday           Class 1        Trainer: Dr. Nancy Baron                     

  • Introductions / Expectations

  • Assessment of problems - needs - resources in the urban context

  • Review of common MHPSS consequences of emergencies and issues specific to the urban setting

  • Best practice guidance based on IASC MHPSS Guidelines, global research and experience for emergency affected populations with modifications for the urban context.

Day 2     10am - 5pm  / Tuesday          Class 2        Trainer: Dr. Nancy Baron

  • IASC MHPSS multidisciplinary intervention pyramid for the urban context / Layers 1-2-3-4

  • Introduction to PSTIC and 24-7 community based intervention 

  • Preparation for field training

 EVENING:   Dinner with PSTIC Senior Team and Trainees

Day 3     11am - 7pm / Wednesday       Class 3       With PSTIC Teams                                

  • Observe Psychosocial Team Meetings

  • Presentation by PSTIC Mental Health (MH) Coordinator about multidisciplinary approach to mental health care

  • Discussion with PSTIC Egyptian Psychiatrists about mental health interventions


Day 4       10am - 6pm / Thursday        Field 1       With PSTIC Teams                                            Field visit with Field visits with Psychosocial Workers       

Field visit to PSTIC Youth Initiative for prevention of "Gang" violence

Day 5        1-8pm / Friday                     Field 2     With PSTIC Teams                                                    

Field visits with Psychosocial Workers 

Field visit to PSTIC Youth Initiative for prevention of "Gang" violence         


Day 6       10am - 6pm / Saturday         Class 4.    Trainer: Dr. Nancy Baron                                  

  • Design and implementation of Layers 1 and 2 intervention 

  • Curriculum design/ Training skills for Community Based Awareness sessions

  • Visit to PSTIC Center for Opportunities 

 EVENING: Sufi dancing performance / Khan Khalili Souq / Dinner


Day 7       11am - 6pm / Sunday            Class 4                                                            

  • Design and implementation of Layers 3 and 4 intervention

  • Visit to PSTIC Counseling Center and Substance Abuse Aftercare Program 


Day 8      10am - 6pm  / Monday          Field 3          PSTIC Psychosocial Coordinators                       

  • Participation in Team Leaders meeting

  • Managing a community based psychosocial team

EVENING: Nile Cruise


Day 9       10am – 5pm / Tuesday           Class 5            Trainer: Dr Nancy Baron               

  • Select - Train - Supervise - Support for a refugee team

  • Practical plans for using what was learned in your home country.



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