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Unique residential training in Cairo, Egypt

 for working professionals


Dr. Nancy Baron

Classroom Trainer

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                    Global experience



Field Trainers 

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Recommendation from Trainee:

"If you want to learn about a project where well trained refugees are able to provide psychosocial support to other refugees (who live in the urban areas), this is your chance. Dr Nancy Baron, Founder-Director of the Psychosocial Services and Training Institute in Cairo (PSTIC) and her team designed a training where lectures has no place. So, be prepared to perform field visits, to attend team coordination meetings and of course to be open to meet new colleagues, in order to explore together challenges and good practices. Thanks to all of you for being so generous with us and giving us the opportunity to understand in depth this unique intervention and of course a huge hug to Dr. Nancy Baron who inspired us to create realistic interventions focusing on integration and the involvement of the refugee community. This journey doesn’t end here, this training was the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with PSTIC."

(Chrisa - Refugee Program in Greece - 2019)

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Training in Cairo, Egypt
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